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 Help / FAQ

1. How does Vuclip work?

We index videos from a variety of websites. When you search, we provide relevant results from those sites. When you press play on a video, we format the video stream on-the-fly to work on your phone and your network.

2. Where is the 'Play High-Res' option on the video playback page? Why can't I download a video?

Some of the videos we index are available for streaming playback only. We index all types of videos, but selected rights holders have restricted playback to streaming.

3. Is Vuclip free?

Yes. We don't charge users for watching videos. However, standard data charges (for internet access or streaming data) may apply through your carrier.

4. How do I view videos in full-screen?

Click on 'Play High-Res' on our video playback screen. Also, make sure you've selected 'Full screen' in your phone's media player menu.

5. Why can't I watch videos from Vuclip on my device?

First, make sure your device can play video. If you can play video on your device, make sure your carrier does not block video download or streaming.

Some devices have problems with streaming videos ? check your device specs to ensure your device can stream.

It could also be browser-related. If you are using a browser that doesn?t support video streaming, you may have issues playing videos. We recommend using the browser that?s native to your device.

6. What if my media player hangs or crashes while playing a large video?

Your device memory may be full. In your browser menu, go to 'Options' and select 'Cache Operations' to clear the cache. If this doesn't help, try resetting your device.

7. Why can't I stream on my device?

Some devices have problems with streaming videos ? check your phone specs to ensure your device can stream and your carrier doesn't block streaming.

8. Why do I get a buffering message when I try to stream a video?

Your network or device may not be able to handle streaming video. If it is an intermittent issue, please let us know at: ? tell us your device, browser, and carrier.

9. Why can't I watch videos with a large file size?

Your carrier or connection may limit your download size. To avoid this issue, you can watch the video in 1 minute chunks. On the video playback page, just click on the parts in sequence.

10. How do I turn my adult filter On or Off?

Click on the Customize link in the footer of any Vuclip page. At the bottom of the Customize page, you may see a text link to Allow or Block Adult Content. Make sure you have it set to your preference.

If you don't see that text link, your carrier has blocked adult content on Vuclip.

11. What if I can't find a solution to my problem?

You can report an issue with our online for or send an email to describing the nature of the problem. Please tell us the make and model number of your mobile device and the name of your carrier.

If you're emailing us, please also try to include a screenshot and tell us what browser you're using on your device.

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